Imagine Making 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Go even more in depth. This is the blueprint to build a foundation for a successful year, physically, mentally, and spiritually with 63 lessons and videos from the Sajady Fit team.

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You are invited to listen to Mas Sajady and Alex Sajady as they combine their expertise to help create the ultimate new you in this informative, life altering, teleseminar. Become Physically FIT, Emotionally FIT, Financially FIT, Intellectually FIT for 2019. Seminar will be live on December 29th, at 11:30 AM Central

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Mas Sajady

Mas Sajady, founder of Exponential Intelligence®, Medimorphosis and Medihealing® has helped tens of thousands around the world break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives so they achieve not only success but also significance in their lives.

Exponential Intelligence® (EI) is a science based body of knowledge that Mas Sajady discovered through his 2nd near death experience. Mas is known as a game changer throughout the world as well as one of the best kept secrets for high profile individuals. He has worked with business leaders, influencers, medical and healthcare providers, professional athletes, celebrities, Royal Families, Fortune 500 executives throughout the world. 

Alex Sajady

Founder of Sajady Fit, Alex wanted to leave his impact on the world through health and fitness. With the help of the Sajady Fit team he has given the gift of youth to hundreds of people through his approach to living a fit and active lifestyle.

Alex's knowledge of the human body comes from studying Exercise Science and Kinesiology at Iowa State University as well as experience training himself and hundreds of others, each with their own unique goals and challenges, to get them their dream bodies.


21 Lessons to develop an understanding of not only what you eat but how you eat impacts both your physical and mental health.


Take on 2019 with a new, younger, and more powerful body as you learn 21 ways to transform your body into its prime state. Gym or no Gym.


21 Motivating talks to keep yourself in gear. Stay on track with the Sajady Fit team teaching you how they overcome their own personal barriers.

No gym

Create the new body you've always dreamed of with our fitness program. No need for any special workout equipment or even access to a gym. All you need is yourself and a bit of determination.

For a Lifetime

This program is designed to teach you a set of all new habits to incorporate into your daily routine, making sure its as easy as possible to maintain these results and continue to improve for the rest of your life.

Not Alone

Studies show that having a partner greatly increases the amount of success one has, physically and emotionally. You'll have access to the Sajady Fit community and start the new year alongside hundreds of like minded people.

Videos a Day

You'll get three in depth videos everyday. One breaking down a new topic on, nutrition, fitness, and the proper mentality to succeed in the new year as well as a written write up.

"I didn’t know much about weight lifting and Sajady Fit gave me a very good base, also good basics on nutrition too. I was more used to endurance sports so this gave me a very good balance on the whole body, especially the upper body that needed more work. Very good complement and variation to my sports, I’m willing to continue on"


"By signing up to your program, I found the motivation to get myself to the hardest place there will ever be, the starting line. This was very important for me, as the two subjects nutrition and strength training have ran in the back of my mind for a long time now. I have been looking for something like this to fit my standards for a while , but it was only when I listened to you on the live call that I said "boom, I have to try this""


"I believe we merely just scratched the surface of fitness and nutrition, because of the relatively short time frame. There are surely a great deal of things I can still learn from you. You seem to have tried many different things and have plenty of solutions in your arsenal. Maybe this is all I needed at this stage and I can use what I've learned as a springboard to go even further. I now know where to look for the most in depth and professional advice in fitness and nutrition!"


2019. You ready TO BE your best self?

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*All 21 Day registrants for the month of January will receive $30 off. Learn more about the life changing power of the medihealing and register at Mas Sajady's 21 Day Medihealing link below to receive your discount code.


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